Ljubuski is another ancient settlement in the vast rocky hills of western Herzegovina. The ruling family of the medieval Bosnian state expanded their reign to this region and the remains of their old fort still jut out of the hill overlooking the Trebizat River valley.

Both the Illyrians and the Romans settled the lands along the Trebizat before the Slavs settled in this part of world. The Old Town of Ljubuski is a medieval town of Herceg Stjepan Kosaca's Fortress first mentioned in 1444 under the name of Lubussa.
The upper course of the Trebizat River is known for plenty of fish and the beautiful Kravica Waterfall, situated 5 km from Ljubuski. The lower course of the river is rich in carp fish and ell.
The surrounding area also includes valuable cultural and historical monuments and natural sites found in towns of Siroki Brijeg, Posusje and Grude.
In the village of Mokro, Siroki Brijeg, you will find the remains of a 5th century basilica, and in the village of Kocerin the famous Kocerinska ploca (stone-carved slate) dating back to 1404. In a beautiful natural surrounding of the Borak valley there are several sources forming the Listica River. According to a legend, Illyrian Queen Teuta was so impressed by the beauty of the region, she ordered her summer residence to be built here.
In Posusje you will find remains of ancient Neolithic and Illyrian settlements, a Roman Fort in Grac, remains of Roman roads and over 20 Latin records made in stone. In Grude, there is an interesting Museum in the Franciscan house in Gorice, as well as the Krenica Lake in Drinovci which is attractive not only for swimming but for fishing as well.