Capljina is a border town, centrally located between Mostar to the north and the Adriatic Sea to the south. Medugorje and Ljubuski are less than 20km to the west, and Stolac is less than half an hour's drive to the east.

This town on the west bank of the Neretva River was once the home of what is thought to be the largest Roman military camp in the region. Mogorjelo was built at the end of the 3rd century and two basilicas were added some time in the 5th century. It makes for an interesting excursion. Next to it you will find Horse Club „Vranac“ where you can rent a horse carriage or go for a horse ride. If you really like it, you might want to continue to the ancient settlement of Gabela, further towards the border with Croatia. It is mentioned for the first time in the second half of the 15th century and is believed to have been a significant settlement long before that. There is an interesting theory of a Mexican scientist, Robert Salinas Price who claims that the Old Town of Gabela is actually Ilios – the capital city of the State of Troy.
But most people come here for a canoe safari on the Trebizat River. The launching spot for the canoes is a bit hard to find but the Villa Rustica, a restaurant next to Mogorjelo can provide information on how to get there. Stop there even if you don't need directions: The safari is a 10km, five-hour journey down the Trebizat River southeast of Kravica Waterfalls. The canoeing is not difficult, with a calm river and only a few small (and fun) cascades to conquer. Children age ten and above are accepted. The water is cold and refreshing if you do happen to fall in. Midway through the journey you'll stop for a BBQ lunch prepared by your guide's team.