The highest settlement in central-west Bosnia is home to the country's most rugged inhabitants. At 1,200m above sea level, Kupres is covered in snow for at least five months of the year.

The long and bare valley of Kupresko Polje creates harsh winter conditions. It also makes Kupres a main winter recreation destination in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kupres is an ideal place for winter or summer vacations and is excellent for paragliding, hunting or hiking. A very rich aspect of Bosnian Croat culture has emerged in this tiny town between Bugojno and Livno. Many of the traditions that are only performed for folk shows in other places are regularly practiced here. Some are displayed in a form of the ethnographic exhibition at the Cultural Centre „Hrvatski dom“ in Kupres.
The old methods of farming are celebrated on the first Sunday of each July with the Strljanica competition. Expansive fields of long grass are hacked down with traditional sickles to see who is the most skilled in quick cutting. It may seem funny but try it out and you will see not only the skill needed but also the tremendous back and forearm strength that the 'sport' requires. Kupres is known throughout the country for this annual event. Horse races, an almost forgotten rural event, happen each year in the fields of Kupres as well.

The traditional Ganga and Becarac song of the hajduks can often be heard echoing through the valley. Due to the high altitude, many of the local residents cannot rely on farming for a living and often partake in sheep-raising. Most folks from in and around Kupres will attest to the great grilled lamb and sheep's cheese prepared in the traditional Kupres way. If you have the opportunity to eat with a local family, don't pass it up. Kupres is a transit town from central Bosnia to Livno and the Adriatic coast. Daily buses to and from Vitez and Travnik stop in Kupres if requested.